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Drinking water filling

Device overview:
Products: pure water, mineral water, etc.
Applicable containers: PET bottles of various sizes and shapes
Filling system: gravity filling
Production capacity: 5000BPH - 48000BPH
Technical features:
Adopting the technology of direct supply of the air duct and the transfer wheel of the bottle, the bottle screw and the conveying chain are eliminated, and the transformation of the bottle shape is simple and easy.
Bottle transmission using the whole process of the card handling (neck) technology, the transformation of the bottle shape does not need to adjust the height of the device, just replace the diameter of the bottle with the arc guide plate, dial wheel and other nylon parts.
The high speed line uses the bottle clamp transmission technology, the bottle type change is more free, the unit interior work table is more succinct;
Three in one unit to complete a bottle washing, filling, sealing the three processes, the bottle wear small, accurate and smooth transmission, easy to replace the bottle.
The special design of all stainless steel bottle holder is durable and does not touch the thread of the bottle mouth to avoid the two pollution.
High speed and large flow gravity filling valve, filling speed, liquid level accurate without loss.
All parts are in contact with the liquid, which are made of high quality stainless steel or food grade engineering plastics. Most of the imported components are used in the electrical system
The bottle bottom plate of the bottle discharging wheel is provided with a spiral descending mode, and the bottle shape is not needed to adjust the height of the conveying chain of the bottle.
Main components of equipment
Three in one host machine is composed of bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, sealing machine frame, window, main motor and transmission system, transmission, and fine bottle cap sorter for electrical control system components.
The utility model relates to a turnover mechanism of a bottle washing machine, which is mainly composed of a water separating plate, a bottle washing clamp, an upper rotary disc, a guide rail, a protective cover, a water spraying device and a water receiving disk
The filling mechanism is mainly composed of a filling barrel, a filling valve, a guide rail, a lifting device and a lifting device of the bottle.
Capping mechanism, composed of, cover cap sorter for rail and capping machine of three parts.
The auxiliary equipment (or matching) rinsing water reflux tank into the bottle and a bottle of air duct chain, also can be configured on the artificial platform according to customer requirements (or bottle unscrambler), multi row differential chain artificial bottle Taiwan, automatic capping machine.

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