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Membrane charter

Device overview:
Widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products such as packaging. Without bottom support, no carton, both square and circular, flat packaging can be perfect, visual effect is very good, is the preferred equipment for beer and beverage filling production line.
Technical features:
Reasonable structure and reliable operation
The machine is light, machine, electricity combined, adopting the principle of the mechanical synchronous drive and electric multi axis servo synchronous combination, reducing the mechanical transmission chain complex, improve the accuracy of mechanical transmission, the machine structure is reasonable and reliable.
Advanced performance:
The machine adopts the world advanced servo motor synchronous control technology, film cooling technology, film tension control technology and bottle pressure control technology, therefore, the machine has high technical content.
High degree of automation:
This machine adopts photoelectric advanced control technology, control system is composed of electromagnetic clutch special encoder, PLC, advanced detection devices and foreign brands, can automatically detect the bottles, cardboard, film state. The man-made machine local position change mechanism, synchronous operation does not affect the machine, machine can store quantity monitoring by counting the pulse can be detected out film, automatic alarm storage capacity is insufficient; thermal shrinkage channel temperature can realize the automatic temperature control; and also cut off the film transfer in the control system under special control.
Wide scope of application:
The machine adopts a large number of adjustable mechanisms, expanding the scope of the use of the machine. The utility model relates to a bottle type container with a diameter of 50~ and a height of 200~350mm, and each bag can be adjusted in the range of 4~16.
Safe and reliable:
This machine adopts external pull type door machine running in a close

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