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Warm bottle machine

Device overview:
The carbonated drinks filling with low temperature (usually 4-10 degrees), whereas the room temperature in summer is much higher than this, in this environment, the moisture in the air easily in the condensation to the outer surface of the bottle, the subsequent packing and operation inconvenience, such as labeling. In particular, if cartons are used, a wet, wet board can cause severe damage. So we must set up a hot bottle filling machine in the machine after the bottle is heated to room temperature. Hot bottle machine is a tunnel type spraying device, switching heating bottle through the circulation of hot water thermal spray, standing three temperature zone (also can be designed more temperature), segmented heating, beverage center to reach room temperature, usually designed for 30-35 C. The machine is mainly composed of a machine frame, a conveying chain plate, a traditional system, a water storage tank, a circulating pump, a spraying device, a heating device and a pipeline. The heater can adopt two forms of plate heat exchanger or electric heater.

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