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Hot-filling production line

Device overview:
Products: fruit juice, tea drinks, functional beverages, etc.
Applicable containers: PET bottles of various sizes and shapes
Filling system: pressure filling
Production capacity: 5000BPH - 40000BPH
RXG series of hot filling machine standard model for "three in one", for a special production conditions, can increase a disinfectant liquid bottles, that is, the "four in one"". The system takes full account of the characteristics of beverage products, such as the easy foaming of tea drinks and juice drinks, and the main technical requirements for hot filling.
Technical features:
Full filling, to avoid the collapse of the bottle after cooling, and minimize the dissolved oxygen.
Silo and feeding system, reasonable feed design (constant flow, constant pressure, can not afford foam), usually used in the form of high-level tank.
Reasonable structure of the bunker system (with exhaust, full seal, temperature), the middle and high speed line to cancel the large liquid cylinder, instead of liquid distributor, can achieve a thorough CIP pressure cleaning.
The utility model relates to a sanitary filling head system, which has the advantages of an umbrella type structure, a fast filling speed, and a filling head which can satisfy the requirements of filling and sanitation.
Perfect hot filling temperature control system.
Reflux tank system with material automatic start and external delivery.
Improved CIP cleaning system.

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