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Super clean medium temperature filling

Device overview:
This technique is also known as heat filling, heat utilization limit standard of PET bottle, without the use of heat-resistant PET bottle, which can significantly reduce the production cost. Due to the reduction of filling temperature, a higher level of hygiene and microbiological control must be used. Five super clean (medium temperature) filling system set two disinfection liquid flushing, sterile washing bottle, filling and capping in one part, introduced the design idea and control technology of aseptic filling system.
Production capacity: 5000BPH - 40000BPH
Technical features:
Uses air and bottle feeding wheel connection technology, bottle feeding wheel with innovative design with bottle bottle function clamping mechanism, saves the bottle and screw conveyor, replace the bottle shaped replacement and adjustment of only a few parts.
The bottle transmission uses the card bottleneck technology, and uses the bottle mouth bottle clamp to replace the traditional dial wheel, the transformation bottle shape does not need to adjust the equipment high and low, also only needs to replace and adjust the small part.
The special design of all stainless steel bottle holder is durable and does not touch the thread of the bottle mouth to avoid the two pollution.
High speed and large flow, sanitary and easy to clean filling valve, equipped with a complete CIP circuit and control procedures, complete and reliable equipment cleaning.
The bottom plate of the bottle of the bottle discharging bottle is provided with a spiral descending mode, and the bottle shape is not required to adjust the height of the conveying chain of the bottle, only the arc plate and the shifting wheel which are related to the diameter of the bottle body can be replaced, and the bottle type switch needs only ten minutes.
This machine is suitable for the production of tea drinks, fruit juice and functional drinks.

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