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Beer filling

Device overview:
In accordance with the requirements of glass bottles of beer packaging technology, based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, glass bottles of beer packaging equipment research and development of the model, to provide a full set of efficient beer filling production line for the majority of beer enterprises.
Equipment characteristics:
Filling valve with high precision mechanical filling valve, with no bottle no vacuum mechanism.
External mechanical valve structure, valve body without springs and seals.
The utility model has the advantages of two times of vacuum pumping, and the utility model is provided with a high pressure foaming device.
The transmission adopts the combination of open gear and gear box. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, large speed range.
The transmission of the machine is equipped with automatic lubricating grease, which can be used to supply oil to the lubrication points. High transmission efficiency, low noise, long life.
In the gas or filling wine, due to the quality of the bottle caused by the explosion of the bottle, the wine valve is automatically closed, and equipped with automatic bottle washing device.
Stainless steel magnetic hopper, crown cover, a lower cover, sorting into cover are both made of magnetic transmission, in the operation of the cover is not easy to deformation, under the cover of large volume and smooth, reliable and automatic unloading gland function, reduce the rate of broken bottles.
In the middle of the guide using a double guide rod in the middle, with pre cover function. Smooth and reliable import and export bottles.
Lift and jar crowner head for electric lift, in order to adapt to different bottle height range of design.
The liquid level of the filling cylinder is controlled by an electric probe.

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