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Industrial Air cooler

The air cooler is composed of the large-surface honeycomb-shaped cooling wall of special corrugated paper, the highly efficient and energy-saving exhaust fan, the water circulation system, the ball float valve water refilling device, enclosure and electric elements. When the exhaust fan runs, the negative pressure is formed inside the air-cooler cavity, and the highly water-absorptive cooling wall draws the external air inside the cavity. The water in cooling wall will evaporate under the adiabatic state, carry away a large amount of latent heat, purify and cool the aerated cool air which is then delivered to the workshop by the exhaust fan. Finally, the effect of cooling the workshop is achieved by the continuous convection current.
  Main characteristics:
  ①Less investment and high efficiency.
  ②Environment protection, and doors and windows left open. 
  ③Replace and discharge indoor turbid, stuff and off-flavor air outdoors.
  ④Less electricity consumption, 0.5—0.8 kw•h/h/unit, and Freon free.
  ⑤Air output of each cooler: 8000—20000m3/h. 
  ⑥The cover area of cold air in each unit is up to 60—150 m2.

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